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Areas of success: Weight loss, reduced anxiety, depression, all types of addiction, trauma, quit smoking, stress and other breakthroughs that will change your life 

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Online Hypnosis


Per Session

Originally $250

Best price

Best for out of state

Deal expires 08/31/2020

We offer online hypnosis to our clients around the word! Change in the comfort of your home with a good internet connection. Change can happen in only one session!

Online service

93% success rate

Clients see results in the first session

Lifetime experience

FREE consultation

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In person Hypnosis


Per Session

Originally $270

Most popular

Best for in person experience

We offer hypnosis services at our in Lone Tree Colorado location. One in a lifetime transformation experience with one of the top hypnotists in the country.

In person service

93% success rate

Clients see results in the first session

Lifetime experience

FREE consultation

Why wait? Make a decision now to commit to change by paying for your first in person session now!


VIP Hypnosis


6 Sessions

Originally $1620

Best Results 

Best results!

Our VIP Hypnosis package is our most popular package. Our clients love this package as this offers consistency, quality time which leads to  tremendous results! Better than what you were looking for. 

100% Guarantee or your money back if you don't see results in 6 months after completing the program.

100% Guarantee 

93%-100% success rate

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Online service

In person service

Life changing experience guaranteed

FREE consultation


About Andrea

Andrea Rojas has a Masters in Psychology from Stetson University and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Psychology degree from California Southern University. 

Andrea has been a Certified Hypnotherapist for 5  years and has extensive experience and success helping people lose weight as well as significantly reduce anxiety, depression, stress, overcoming fears, phobias and addictions.

Andrea has been featured on TV and radio giving talks about mental health topics especially in the Hispanic community. 

Andrea is also very excited to announce the starting of her own TV show exclusively to educate people on mental health. 

Customer's are saying... 

Andrea you truly amazing! I went to you for hypnosis and ended up getting way more than I asked for...the techniques you used where mind blowing. I have control issues and was very hard to change not being in control but you opened me up into trusting the fact that it is okay to let go.  Andrea thank you for all you've done I would recommend you to anyone I know struggling with issues like mine or other things I feel free and like the chains have been released heaven sent you are!

Derrick - Critic

“The work Andrea has done with me has been life changing. Giving me mental tools to access positive emotions such as confidence at any moment on the golf course which truly gives me a competitive edge that I never have had before.”

Professional golfer Christian Heavens

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